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Nelson Romero
Paradox composer

from November 9th to 21th, 2006


from November 9th to 21th, 2006 12:00 -19:00
(Closed on Mondays)

Nelson Romero
's works

"Mujer con guitarra", 2005
charcoal / pencil
for sale

"Luna y rancho", 2003
tempera / color pencil / sumi-ink
for sale

"Bebedores barbados", 2006
tempera / color pencil / Chinese ink
for sale

"Bicicleta biologica", 1991
charcoal / color pencil
for sale

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"I want to remain here,
hidden in the World,
desciphering the codes of
time, without trying to
innovate anything..."
Nelson Romero

Nelson Romero's exhibition view

exhibition view

exhibition view

exhibition view

exhibition view

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"Gifted with an admirable self-taught technique, his works of 20 years has shown a line of consistency with his thinking in a coherent and creative manner as well as, a commitment with the artistic creation."

(Alvaro A. Cirillo - Director of Trazosuy

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