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"Japan Contemporary Art Today"


"Japan Contemporary Art Today"

Date: March 30th to April 15th, 2009

Galeria Los Oficios, Havana, Cuba

Artists: Hiraku SATO - Contemporary Calligraphist/Installation of calligraphy in grand format.
Takashi YUKAWA - Sculptor/Sculpture in Wood and Terracotta.
Shora KATO - Painter and Video Artist/Video Art and Art Paintings.
Nelson DOMINGUEZ - Painter,Sculptor, Engraver and Ceramist/Art Painting in grand format.

Organized by:PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery,Galeria LOS OFICIOS

Supported by : Embassy of Cuba-Japan, Awagami Factory

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In conjuction with the Tenth Havana Biennial (Cuba), conceptualized as "Integration and Resistance in the Global Era", starting from March 27th 2009 and ending April 30th 2009, PROMO-ARTE Gallery of Japan and Galeria LOS OFICIOS from Havana will be launching for its Second time a collateral exposition with the Biennial at Galeria LOS OFICIOS, from the 28th of March 2009 for the duration of one month. Through this exposition, we will be introducing the different artistic expressions on this planet of the Japanese Artists.

The main objective of this exposition is to develop even stronger friendly bilateral ties among the artists of the two nations. At the same time, we would like to introduce Japanese art to all the guests and participants who come from all corners of the world to the biennale.

Galeria LOS OFICIOS, which is under the representation of the Cuban Artist Nelson Dominguez, of whom PROMO-ARTE represents in Japan, is located in the heart of the Biennale of the Habana Vieja.

More over, the Cuban Artist Abel Barroso, whom PROMO-ARTE Gallery represents in Japan, has been invited by the Tenth Havana Biennial to be one of the most important manifestations of the Cuban creators.

Kumiko Furusawa
PROMO-ARTE Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Art work of Nelson Dominguez

Art work of Nelson Dominguez

Art work of Takashi Yukawa

Art work of Takashi Yukawa

Installation art of Hiraku Sato

Installation art of Hiraku Sato

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Art work of Shora Kato(Acrylic on canvas, Lambda print work)

Installation art with mural and video projection, Shora kato

Photos by Shora Kato

Critic text by Kaoru Kato

Spiritually Samurai, Act Aesthetically ~ Dynamic Wave from Japan

As an alternative means of contemporary art, Japan has always been stimulating the so called main stream art scenes. At Havana, 2009, such a wave reaches finally to the other side of the hemisphere. Director of Promo-Arte Gallery, Kumiko Furusawa brings three Japanese artists from Tokyo to disseminate Japan’s recent accomplishments. These three artists, derived from profound Japanese cultural tradition, have been advancing their own camino to fulfill the contemporary art world. Ambitions, witnesses and cultural consciousnesses that were possessed by old Samurais are still active among these artists.

Hiraku Sato (born in 1960) has been engaging to calligraphy since his youth. To explore the essence of character writings, he has been investigating the oldest forms of letters which were many times inscribed on animal bones, shells and precious stones, which represent the primitive (therefore the purest) confrontation between nature and man. He hears the substantial cries of different atoms to be encountered when he strokes on paper. The atoms of ink, brush and paper crying, anguishing, and resisting when they are compelled to transform themselves during the creation of new forms. Sato’s unique and dynamic calligraphy was adopted in the movie “Zatou-Ichi”, directed by Takeshi Kitano and acquired wider public notice.

Takashi Yukawa (born in 1961) had been in Pietra Santa, Italy to acquire stone sculpturing techniques after completed his Master’s degree at Tama University of Fine Arts. Unbelievable figurative combination of colored terracotta and wooden body lessens their physical presences and acquire certain spirituality of metaphysical nature, yet the works dominate the substantial space. Energy generated from the molding terracotta (plus) and the energy generated from the shaving wood (minus) are well balanced on the pole of materialistic life in search of ideal tranquility.

Shora Kato(born in 1983) is a recent Master’s graduate of Tama University of Fine Arts. He sometimes refer his name as Xola, a Mayan God of Flowers and Spring, to emphasize his respects to Latin American cultures especially the mural movements of Mexico. He has been an organizing member of Rinpa-Eshidan (the name derived from a famous Japanese school of decorative paintings of 18th century), and their YouTube films have been acquired more than one million hits during the last nine months. Unlike to many of Graffiti works seen on the streets, his large scale paintings collaborating with music, aiming multimedia representations are serious and communicative and consequently touching to the problems of two-dimensional art.

(written by Kaoru Kato, Art Critic and Professor of University of Kanagawa)

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