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Hiroshi Ikeda Exhibition 2009
December 17th(Thu.), 2009 to February 14th(Sun.), 2010
11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Place: GALERIA-arts Space B (1F)
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery

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I draw real.
My real is like a regular in the stamping of the time clock every day.
It is coolly that nothing dramatic.
If I draw the motif of personal belongings, are in the bag.
If I draw the motif of at work, are on my office desk.
If landscape, what I see every day between home and work.
I'm a painter.
I can be a unique representation of them.


"Report" is referred to reports and feedback to tell the truth reality.
Therefore draw the real work is "reporting" that is.

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

"Alternative space business plan document"(part)
20x60cm, mixed media on canvas, 2009

"Alternative space business plan document"
20x60cm, mixed media on canvas, 2009

"The fairy tale for an adult [ Parent and child of the pig ]"
20x60cm, mixed media on canvas, 2009

"The tower of the sun"
14x24.2cm, mixed media on canvas, 2008

Left : "Giant stride"
24x33cm, mixed media on canvas, 2008

Right : "TI House"
32x53cm, mixed media on canvas, 2008



Hiroshi Ikeda
Born in Japan,1964

Awards and Mentions

1992 Modern Art Association Award
   ( no auditing).Modern Art Association Award
1993 Kusakabe award
1993 Modern Art Association member
1993 Matsudo City Art Exhibition Award
1996 Ginza contemporary Exhibition Award (Isetan Shinjuku, Ginza Art Museum)
1997 France Exhibition Award
1998 ARTBOX Exhibition Award
1999 ARTBOX Exhibition Grand Award Prize
2001 Ueno Royal Museum Exhibition Award
2004 Ueno Royal Museum Exhibition Award

Solo Exhibitions

2003 Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art Exhibition
2007 Akiyama Gallery exhibition
2009 Special Exhibition the Gallery Hilo
2010 PROMO-ARTE Gallery at Galeria Arts B space
2010 PROMO-ARTE Gallery at Btterfly Art Space


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