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" Energy from the Beauty "

February 18th(Thu.) to March 31th(Wed.), 2010
11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Place: GALERIA-Arts Space A (1F)
Organized by: GALERIA BP
Coordinated by: PROMO-ARTE Gallery

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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Ana. M. Hoyos "limones"

Eduardo Roca (Choco)"Homenaje a Magritte"

Hiraku Sato "SO"

Jose Fors "Black Fruit"

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall


Ana Mercedes Hoyos (Colombia)

Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1942 to architect Manuel Jose Hoyos, she studied art at a very young age, often accompanying her father to European museums to learn art history.
Educated at the University of the Andes and the National University in Bogota, she also studied privately with Luciano Jaramillo, Juan Antonio Roda, Arming Villegas and Marta Traba. Basing her work on the complex reality of Colombian culture, she is equally expressive in a variety of media. Through her painting, sculpture, print-making, collage, photography and textiles runs a motif of saturated color, magic and nature.

Hiraku Sato (Japan)

Born in Miyagi prefecture, Japan in 1960.
My Sho (Japanese calligraphy) works aren't a proper Sho yet. They are only experiments in practicing this art. A vigorous, vivid Sho is a result of a constant, life-time effort so that it turns into a "living form". As an homage to the great modern Sho artist, Yuichi Inoue I will keep on searching the essence of the artistic impulse, the artistic living power that exists somewhere inside me through a "Sho's Liberation Movement".

Eduardo Roca "Choco" (Cuba)

1949 Born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 1963 Art Instructors School, Cuba 1970 National Art School, CubaFaculty of Art and Literature in the Havana University, Havana, Cuba

Jose Fors

1958 Born in Havana, Cuba,
1960 Moved to the United States.
1967 Traveled to Mexico, settling first in Guadalajara and later in Mexico City.
1976 Returned to Miami, Florida for three years to study anatomical drawing
with Roberto Martinez. His studies completed, he returned to Guadalajara,
Mexico, where he lives today.
1996 He officially became a Mexican resident.


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