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"Neo-Baroque Exhibition" by Erika Nakasone

Jun 25th(Fri.) to July 13th(Tue.), 2010
11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Place: Promo-Arte 2F Project Gallery
Organized by: PROMO-ARTELatin American Art Gallery
Supported by:The Embassy of the Republic of Peru

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Each encounter I have with Erika Nakasone's art works, my consciousness is awakened to realize that every human being is alive in order to discover that thirst to establish its own firm identity.The sensation of color represented on its canvas and board inspire the sun and flowers of Okinawa; and the silver objects that decorate the "altar" (motifs of the Mestizo-Style decoration in the Colonial Andes culture) inspires the religious art that simbolizes the mestizo culture in the colonial period of the Andes region during the 17th Century. These conclude to form a harmonious composition of the art work.
My interest in Erika Nakasone's art deepens further. Erika owns the essence of Precolombine Andiana cultures, the colonial cultures of Peru, the influence received from her grandparents who come from Okinawa (Ryukyu culture), and now the Japanese culture in which she lives in presently.

Kumiko Furusawa Director Promo-Arte


Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall



「Enlazando los espacos y los 」「 Del Retablo al plano」

Revelandose en contracorriente

Lima, desde tiempos antiguos

Entre el amanecer y el ocaso
Entre la estetica

Fundamentos del Neo-Retablo

El nuevo retablo peruano en proyecto

Buscando la Fe´

el arte ceramico precolombino, llevado a la contemporaneidad


■ About an artist


Erika Nakasone(Peru)

. Graduated from the National University of Fine Arts in Lima, Peru, and with studies in Japanese-style painting from the University of Fine Arts of Okinawa, she currently resides in Japan. In 2003 she won a nomination in the 16th Drawing Japan's Nature exhibit at the Ueno Royal Museum. Nakazone's altarpiece-like objects fuse Latin American allegory and Japanese eshetics refer us to a poetics of (mixed) identity.

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