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Hiroshi Ikeda "A REAL REPORT" Exhibition

Sep 2th(Thu.) to 14st(Tue.), 2010
11:00 - 19:00

Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery
Supported by: Instituto Cervantes Tokio

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Hiroshi Ikeda's Statement

In the 21st century, art can play only a small role and have just a little effect to society so highly complicated. A concept of art has been replaced to philosophy since20th century, as a result we cannot distinguish the border between art and real society.
 However, I am not worried about the position of art. Rather, in my opinion, art must approach more positively to real society and at the same time art should have an obligation to have a social responsibility.
 Nowadays the industrial world, which has always leaded the world, is facing unprecedented problems that we have never experienced.
Against these problems the solutions by individual and creative thoughts are very expected and I believe that art can assume that responsibility.
For example, art education is suited to train such talented people and viewed in this point, I am organizing art classes for children. When they produce works of art, they represent “today” directly having their originalities (although sometimes they have cynical eyes….) Then, I will ever continue “art advancing with society”.

Commitment (I stick to oil painting and its supporter a little bit.)
I stick to flat visual art, especially oil painting.
Paints for oil painting are the most pliable and also it’s a drawing material of which technique has been established.
It’s important to approach interior design for introducing art to life, and a campus is a practical supporter to realize it easily.

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

「A punched card」

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall


「Because I' m a woman」

■ About an artist

Hiroshi Ikeda
Born in Japan, 1964

Awards and Mentions

1992 Modern Art Association Award
   ( no auditing).Modern Art Association Award
1993 Kusakabe award
1993 Modern Art Association member
1993 Matsudo City Art Exhibition Award
1996 Ginza contemporary Exhibition Award (Isetan Shinjuku, Ginza Art Museum)
1997 France Exhibition Award
1998 ARTBOX Exhibition Award
1999 ARTBOX Exhibition Grand Award Prize
2001 Ueno Royal Museum Exhibition Award
2004 Ueno Royal Museum Exhibition Award

Solo Exhibitions

2003 Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art Exhibition
2007 Akiyama Gallery exhibition
2009 Special Exhibition the Gallery Hilo
2010 PROMO-ARTE Gallery at Galeria Arts B space
2010 PROMO-ARTE Gallery at Btterfly Art Space

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