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ー Kodou ー Tomoyuki Nagase Exhibition

Nov 25th(Thu.) 〜Dec 7th(Tue.), 2010
11:00 - 19:00

Place:PROMO-ARTE Gallery 2F Latin American Art
Organized by: Office Will PROMO-ARTE Gallery
Cooperated by: National Riding Club Association of Japan SUNTORY

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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

"RIN" 65.2x53cm Oil on canvas

"SEIRETSU" 145.5x112cm Oil on Canvas

「I Know You 」41x31.8cm Oil on canvas

Right :"Yu-shin" 60.4x30.4cm Oil on canvas
Left : "Un-titled"(3 pices)27.3x20.3cm

■Artists Profile
Tomoyuki Nagase
Tomoyuki Nagase

I first met Tomoyuki Nagase in 2009.
When he visited my home in Los Angels accompaneid by a reporter who was doing a story about me for the Japan Racing Association.

I enjoyed his enthusiasm, and we talked for two hours or more, He showed me some samples of his work, and I was impressed by both their quality, especially in their detail, and by the love they showed for horse.

There is no doubt that Tomoyuki Nagase is an artist that deserves praises.
I wish him great success with his exhibit.

Fred Stone


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