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"FUTENSHORAN 2 -Get Over-"

From : September 11th to 16th, 2014 at All 2nd floor
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Gallery

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Please come to enjoy the 6th HIRAKU SATO solo exhibition.
In this exhibition you can appreciate 70 of his new works of his contemporary calligraphy not only on Washi paper but also on silver and gold plates.

Hiraku Sato is extending his activity in Latin America, since participating in ARTBO (International Art Fair of Bogota) in 2008, as well as his exhibition in Cuba in 2009. In 2015 he will have his first exhibition in one of the most important art galleries in Bogota which will be held with the curation of PROMO-ARTE.

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

"Get Over 3" 70x137cm.

Exhibition Hall

About the Artist

Hiraku Sato


Born May 20,1960, in Miyagi Prefecture,Japan.(present adderss,Tokyo,Japan)
Deeply impacted by "Gutetsu",the work by Yuichi Inoue,it became his dream to fuse art with writing (rather than practicing traditional penmanship or calligraphy).This passion continues to burn today,as he turns out new and vital work on a daily basis.

2002 Admitted into Kikkou Association
Began studies under its President,Mr.Koho Kato.
2003 Created wall hanging of 戒(”imashime”)than was featured in the film,"Zatoichi"(direction by Takeshi Kitano).
2005 Donated to World Expo in Aichi Prefecture, japan Pavilion.
Finished studio's at kikkou Association.Has been an independently practicing artist since then.

Solo Exhibitions

2005 ”KANJI no HESO”(A Navel Of KANJI) PROMO-ARTE Gallery
2006 "a bone" Promo-Arte Gallery
2007 The mind of Kanji Promo-Arte Gallery
2009 "SUMI-KYOKU ~lines~" Promo-Arte Gallery
2013 "FUTENSHORAN" solo exhibition Promo-Arte Gallery
2014 "FUTENSHORAN -GET OVER-" Promo-Arte Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2003 Appeared in 34th annual Kikkou Exhibition at Ueno Mori Art Museum
Created original series of drawings for the show"火水木金土日月神"
Established Keiyuu Group.
2004 Appeared in 35th annual Kikkou Extibition at Ueno Mori Art Museum.Created original series of drawings for the show "HIBI-ZEPPITSU".
Received special award.
2005 Appeared in 34th annual Kikkou Exhibition at Ueno Mori Art Museum.
Created original series of drawing for the show "KAMINARI".

"AOYAMA KAMINARI OYAJI no Cyakaiten"(Aoyama Tea Ceremony of lrascible) Aoyama Galleria Bulding.
"TOKYO Art Collection" Tokyo Big Site Convention

2008 "PROMO-ARTE BOOTH IN "ARTBO-2008" Bogota Colombia
"Latin American contemporary art exhibition TODAY" Promo-Arte Gallery
2009 "Japan Contemporary Art Today" Galeria Los Oficios, Havana, Cuba
2011 "Charity Exhibition for Higashi-Nihon Earthquake victims" Promo-Arte Gallery
"The Second Part of Charity Exposition for aid North-East Japan earthquake disaster" Promo-Arte Gallery

"Charity Exhibition for Higashi-Nihon Earthquake victims3" Promo-Arte Gallery
Latin American contemporary art exhibition TODAY PART2 "Behind the Gold" Promo-Arte Gallery
"Behind the Gold" exhibition Promo-Arte Gallery

2013 "Space of modern art" Promo-Arte Gallery


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