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From : November 19th to December 1st, 2015 at 2F Art-Lobby
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Gallery


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Exhibition Hall

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■About the Artists

Ana M. Hoyos (Colombia)

Ana Mercedes Hoyos is one of the most outstanding figures in present day Colombian art. Her work has been the subject of three previous book s, received a wide critical commentary and figured in publications like Art News, Newsweek, Time and Art in America.

Carmen Carreno (Chile)

1959 Born in Santiago de Chile
1972 Live in Quito
1979-81 Carlos Maldonado Studio 77.
1983-85 Carmen Silva Studio 1632.
Elsa Mora (Cuba)

Born in 1971 in the city of Holguin, in Cuba, she is one of the many promisory young Cuban artists currently active in the international art scene. She attended the Escuela Profesional de Artistas Visuales in Cuba, from which she graduated in 1990. Her work comprises a wide array of media, including photography, installation art, oil painting and printing. She has shown her work in numerous countries and currently resides in the United States. She has been invited to the VIII Havana Biennale.
Gabriela Garza Padilla(Mexico)

Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1965, Garza Padilla is a self-taught artist who speaks the language of magic realism. Her works take over from Latin American surrealism, and have been exhibited in Mexico, France and the United States, as well as Japan.

Jang Jeong Hwa

JANG JEONG HWA was born in Busan, Korea in 1970 and obtained Master in art after Bachelor in the same field at the New York University. Currently she lives and works in Paris, France.

] Michiko Hoshino

1934 Born in Tokyo
1956 Graduate from faculty of Literature, Tokyo Woman’s Christian Universoty 
1963 Graduate from faculty of fine arts, Tokyo University of the Arts (Oil Painting)
Present - member of Japan Print Association, member of Association of Traditional Japanese Paintings

Nobara Catalina Hayakawa

Nobara Hayakawa studied graphic design in her native Colombia and then got her Master's degree at Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai). Over the years her interests have spanned almost every image-making disciplines, from website design to photography. She's been organizing the Bogota chapter of PechaKucha Night since 2006 and in 2013 was invited by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota to curate a design exhibition. She currently lives and works in Bogota, Colombia, where she combines her activities with teaching, music making, home-making and painting.

Sandra Ramos (Cuba)

Born in Havana in Cuba in 1969. Graduated from National Art Institute in 1993. From the beginning of 1990 he started to hold solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in the world. Received a National Honor Award of Culture in 1997, National Art Leading Award in 1998. In Japan he had a his own exhibition in Fuchu Art Museum in 2003.

Teresa Currea Moncaleano (Colombia)

Born 1985 in Bogota, Colombia.

2008 Plastics Arts in National University of Colombia.
2008 Etching Engraving Course in National University of Colombia.
2009 Art Book- Book Object
Laboratorio Interdisciplinar para las Artes LIA (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Arts)

Vera de Rivales (Venezuela)

Born in Paris of Russian and Venezuelan descent, Vera de Rivales studied in the Paris Art School with masters from Paris's Beaux-Arts School, Mr Quincy and Mr Lancelin.
History of Art in Louvre's school. She contributed her art activities in Paris and Caracas (capital of Colombia) during 1976-1996). She transferred to Miami to contribute her works during 1996-2003. In 2003, she went back to Paris and keeps her atelier in Douy.

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