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◼︎About Latin American Art PROMO-ARTE

Since 1988, PROMO-ARTE has actively participated in the art markets in Japan and Asian with a strong focus on exploring the art market and expanding the knowledge of Latin American Art. This focus has contributed to the expansion of academic and aesthetic knowledge of Latin American Art.

In addition to providing advice to national galleries, new and experienced collectors, PROMO-ARTE persistently seeks to provide clients with the most remarkable examples of Contemporary Latin American Art.

The exhibition space of PROMO-ARTE concluded in August 2017 having spent 3 decades introducing countless art from surrealism, minimalism, and installations and third dimension works through solo and group exhibitions.

Starting this year (2018), while PROMO-ARTE continues with its main objectives through the official website, we continue to expand by introducing Japanese contemporary artworks to Latin American countries.

We introduce and handle highly attractive art works on PROMO-ARTE’s official website.

Kumiko Furusawa